Growing Mushrooms at Home

By ACS Distance Education on October 28, 2016 in Herbs | comments

You can start growing mushrooms at home, easily with a few simple steps:

Mushrooms are fun to grow at home and it need not be complex, difficult, or take up a lot of room. If you can provide a dark and slightly humid environment (like the kitchen pantry) then you could just buy a mushroom kit and you are set to go!

The mushroom we are most familiar with is a white topped Agaricus bisporus, also called the champignon, or white button mushroom.  The Swiss Brown is variety of the same Agaricus bisporus species, but with a brown rather than white mushroom, and a stronger flavour.
Other than these two ones today you can buy mushroom growing kits to grow all sorts at home including: oyster and king oyster,shiitake, enoki and shemeji. 



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