Grow Grevilleas Anywhere

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Grevilleas are a very diverse group of plants. They are diverse in how they look, and also in where they can be grown.  They include trees, shrubs and ground covers. Foliage colour can be just as variable.

I've seen Grevilleas growing well in England and France; Japan and California; and many other places. Mostly though, they are widely grown across Australia. Some grow well in tropical rainforests, others in cold mountains that can be covered by snow for months of the year. Some species grow in deserts and others on the sea shore.

The foliage varies from tiny needle like leaves to large broad leaves, and the flowers from inconspicuous small cream flowers to large bunches of very colourful flowers that completely obscure the foliage.

Writing for Children

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Ever thought of being a children's writer?

Making money from writing for children is possible, if you know the market, how to write, and are prepared to write what the market wants.
We've been teaching people how to write for children, for over two decades. Many of our graduates have had things published, and some have gone on to be quite successful. Success depends upon many things though, not just being able to write. Perhaps the main reason why writers fail is because many of them want to write what they want to write -instead of being prepared to write what the client or publisher wants them to write. In this respect, success can be as much about "attitude", as it is about anything else.

Quality Garden Tools

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Fiskars is 365 years old in 2014 with -a unique achievement for any company.

Their garden tools are real quality -designed and constructed for the job. You can buy cheap tools that don't last; or struggle to do the job. If you want something robust enough to do heavy jobs, ergonomically designed to be easier to use, and made from better quality materials that last; you need to pay accordingly....but you will save in so many ways over time, if you use better tools.

If you want to do the best job though; you need the best tool.

Read on.

Troubled Economic Curriculum

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The National Economics Curriculum in Australia is Reportedly Unsalvageable

A curriculum review has been conducted  by Griffith University Economics Professor Tony Makin, and lecturer Alex Robinson. 

They say " the curriculum incorrectly defines some fundamental concepts including gross domestic product, efficiency and productivity"



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There are lots of different types of rhododendrons. Some are tall trees, others low spreading shrubs. Many are indigenous to cold mountains, such as the Himalayas, but others occur naturally in hot. humid, tropical rainforests.

Rhododendrons include some of the most popular garden plants we grow.

Azaleas are a type of Rhododendron, Mollis Rhodos are deciduous and Virayas are tropical. Read on and find out more about growing them.