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Managing an important event can seem like quite a frightening prospect. There may be many things to arrange, people to contact, deliveries to schedule. Sometimes people become more focused on what might go wrong and become overwhelmed with panic. Whilst experience will help, learning how to plan and setting clear goals are ways that even a novice can prepare. Learn how to identify your client's needs; to manage risks; deal with legal issues; insurance; understand your clientele and deliver the event successfully.


How Long Does the Course Take?

20 hours; but if you want to go deeper, you are able to. Complete it in a weekend if you wish; or spread it out over weeks or much longer. That's your choice. Once you enrol, you can study when you want, for as little or as long as you want, taking as long as you choose between study sessions

Support and Feedback

Self Assessment Tests are found throughout the course, where you will be asked questions and our course delivery system will give you immediate feedback.

A help desk is provided. Any questions or enquiries will be answered within one working day. Outside of weekends; often faster.

Course Lessons

There are Twelve Lessons.

Lesson 1 Scope and nature of Event Management

  • Definition
  • Variables
  • Types of events
  • The impact of events
  • Timelines
  • What is an event worth?
  • What makes someone a good manager?

Lesson 2 Developing a concept and planning

  • The need
  • Expectation determination
  • Developing concepts
  • The stakeholders
  • Planning processes

Lesson 3 Organising the resources required

  • Location
  • Organizing physical resources and services
  • Financial resources
  • Managing financial resources
  • Marketing resources
  • Outsourcing resource requirements

Lesson 4 Catering: Food and Drink

  • Determining food and beverage needs
  • Choosing a caterer
  • Other catering considerations

Lesson 5 Promoting an event

  • Marketing an event
  • Case study - marketing strategy: use of public parks and gardens for events
  • Target marketing
  • How to determine a target
  • The marketing mix
  • How to promote a private event
  • How to promote a public event

Lesson 6 Managing the clientele

  • Accessibility
  • Queuing theory
  • Negative situations
  • Conflict handling techniques
  • Dealing with your anger and emotions

Lesson 7 Risk management, legalities and contingency planning

  • Planning for the unexpected
  • Risk analysis
  • Tools for identifying risks
  • Negating risk
  • Contingency planning
  • Legal issues
  • Insurance
  • Security at events

Lesson 8 Delivering the event

  • Some things to consider before setting-up day
  • After the event

Lesson 9 Organising celebrations and parties

  • A children's party
  • A wedding
  • A reunion
  • A street party

Lesson 10 Organising exhibitions

  • Guidelines for planning a show or exhibition

Lesson 11 Organising conferences and seminars

  • Organizing a conference

Lesson 12 Working in the events industry

  • Where to from here?
  • Education
  • Job profiles
  • Final assessment


Qualification at the End

After completing the lessons, you are presented with a major online exam; testing you on the content of the entire course.

You can attempt this whenever you feel ready; and upon getting 60% of the answers (or more) correct you are awarded with a "Certificate of Completion" bearing your name and the date, which can be downloaded as a pdf, saved and/or printed off.

How our short courses work?

This is a self-guided course- you work through the course at your own time.

Enrol any time. Your enrolment will be processed during business hours within a few hours.

After your enrolment has been processed, you will receive an email explaining the course and how to access to the study guide, and our help desk. The guide contains both an audio and written explanation of how the course can be studied.

Follow the study guide, read and undertake different learning tasks to broaden and deepen your understanding of the subject. These tasks can vary from practicals to research and more. You can select to do as many or as little as you like.

If and when you need to; you can contact our academic staff via a help desk. Emails are answered during business hours.

At the end of each lesson, you are presented with a series of automated self assessment questions, to review and reinforce your learning experience.
Once you have completed all of the lessons, you are presented with a major online exam comprising lots of questions. The exam is assessed in our online training system once it has been submitted. If you achieve a result of 60% or more, you are given access to download a “Certificate of Completion” with your name, together with the current date and name of this short course.

Everything is automatic, but if you do need help at any point along your journey of discovery there is a help desk, with real people who have real expertise –only an email away to help you out.

Who will benefit from this course?

This course is full of tips and practical ideas to help anyone attempt, and successfully accomplish, event management - regardless of the size of the event or previous experience.

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