Physics BSC206

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There are nine lessons in this course, making it a very thorough foundation for understanding the physical sciences.

1. Review of Basic Algebra and Geometry

You cannot really begin to understand physics without first understand at least basic algebra. Most students in this module will have encountered algebra in high school. Some may remember buts, but what they recall could be vague. This lesson may be little more than a recision for you, or it may be more of a struggle. Whatever your situation though it is important to moving forward with studying

This lesson will cover: Equations, formulae, variables, quadratic equations, graphs
triangles, quadrilaterals, angles, radians, logarithms, exponentials and more.

If you do need more help with this lesson, our tutors are available to support you as needed over internet chat, skype, phone or email.

2. The Scope and Nature of Physics

With the fundamentals of algebra and geometry fresh in mind, this lesson explores ways in which we observe, measure, model, and predict things about the physical world. It considers units of measurement, how to convert between units and how to measure things with precision.

3. Forces and Mechanics

This and the following lessons each deals with a different aspect of physics. Having the knowledge of lessons 1 and 2 behind you, enables you to understand the concepts of these different sub disciplines much better.

This lesson covers the physics of motion. Learn about displacement, speed, velocity, acceleration, force, gravity, work, power and energy

4. Waves

What are waves; properties of waves, terminology, frequency, speed, electromagnetic radiation waves, sound waves,  sound spectrum, doppler effect, standing waves and resonance

5. Electricity and Magnetism

Electrostatics. conductors, insulators, electroscopes, coulomb's law, electric fields and circuits, current, voltage,  resistance, power,  Ohm's law; Magnetic forces, creating magnets, magnetic fields, electromagnetism and more.

6. Energy and Work

Learn what is energy and different types of energy. Study the conservation of total energy and mechanical energy, converting kinetic energy into potential energy, work and force and more.

7. Fundamentals of Thermodynamics
Learn about fahrenheit, celsius, kelvin and converting between units. Explore what is heat
Heat transfers: thermal equilibrium and Thermal expansion and thermal contraction

8. Light and Optics

Learn about the nature of light, reflection, refraction, diffraction, the electromagnetic spectrum, how rainbows form, different types of mirrors, lenses, and more.

9. Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity

Learn more about the structure of matter, understand the periodic table; radioactivity and different types of radiation energy.



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