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Short Course Learning Skills

If you or someone you know, has difficulty studying and remembering what you study, this course could make a real difference to how successful you are with learning. It is a course that can help students understand themselves, and in doing so, perform better when they are studying. It may help parents understand their children and result in a more effective and considered approach to their child’s education. Even supervisors, managers, coaches. therapists or leaders who are supervising or advising others, will be better informed and capable of understanding and helping the people they deal with, to learn.



  •  Introduction
  • Gaining Knowledge
  • Applying Established Theories in Teaching and Learning
  • Why Do We Need to Know People’s Learning Styles?


  • Knowing What to Avoid
  • Be Aware of What You Learn 
  • Valuable Attributes to Learn
  • Communication 
  • Choosing a Child’s School 
  • Choosing a College or University Course 
  • Trends in Education
  • Distance Education and Changes in the World
  • Making the Choice to Study

Lesson 3 WHY LEARN 

  • The Importance of Learning in Children
  • Middle Childhood and Learning 
  • A Good Foundation is Very Important 
  • Motivation Helps us Learn 


  • More Tips for Learning 
  • Different Learning for Different People 
  • Setting Effective Learning Goals 
  • Develop Good Study Habits 
  • Time Management 
  • Different Methods of Learning for Top Results 
  • Methods of Studying (Learning Systems) 
  • Memory Tips 
  • Tips for Writing and Essays 
  • Reading Text Books Effectively 
  • Taking notes 
  • Preparing for Exams 
  • What Is Motivation?
  • Understanding motivation 
  • Incentives 
  • Get Started!


Learning Happens Everywhere

Learning is not just something that happens at schools, colleges and universities. In fact, most learning happens outside of those places. Learning isa what makes every person who they are, and gives them the capacity to do what they can do. Good learning makes people more aware of the world, the possibilities life can offer and how to better navigate those possibilities.

This course can broaden and deepen your understanding of how learning occurs in a broad sense, and how you can enhance and support the opportunities for yourself and others to learn better - at any age and in any context.

A Course for:

  • Parents helping children with their studies
  • Students trying to be more effective when studying
  • Supervisors teaching a new technique or procedure to their staff 
  • Tutors/ teachers wanting to refresh and perhaps improve their skills

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