Introduction to Forensic Psychology


  • the work done by a forensic psychologist and

  • the theories of criminology.

Forensics relates to the use of scientific techniques and methods to investigate crimes. Forensic psychology is the study or practice of psychology and the law to understand more about crime and the people who commit them.   Forensic psychologists need to understand legal principles and also psychology. An important part of the forensic psychologist role is the ability to stand as an expert witness.


Course Structure

This course is divided into the following nine lessons

  1. Defining Forensic Psychology and the role of Forensic Psychologists
  2. Psychological Theories of Criminality
  3. Ethics in Forensic Psychology
  4. Psychological Disorders and Crime in Adults
  5. Psychological Disorders and Crime in Children
  6. Criminality in Men and Women
  7. Recruitment Screening
  8. Assessment and Treatment in Forensic Psychology 
  9. Profiling and Eye Witness Testimonies

Course Duration:

 100 hours of self paced learning

Why Do this Course?

For some students this may be a way of preparing for a much larger course in forensics
It may help you make a more informed decision about whether to pursue a career in forensics.
It may also prepare you for working more effectively with a forensic psychologist.

Forensic psychologists will work in a range of settings, such as –

  • Prisons
  • Jails
  • Rehabilitation centres
  • Police departments
  • Schools
  • Government departments
  • Private practice
  • Law firms
  • Universities
  • Colleges
  • Research
  • And more.

Sometimes forensic psychologists become freelancers or consultants, offering support and advice where required in a particular or specific area.

They may work with lawyers, offenders, victims, their families, students or patients in rehabilitation centres or secure psychiatric units.  



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