Applied Psychology 2500 hour Learning Bundle

Learn to be an Expert in Human Behaviour

This course begins by changing your understanding and perception of psychology; and finishes by setting you on a course to applying that knowledge and awareness beyond study and for your life that follows. 

Everything we experience and do as individuals, families or groups of people; is affected by our mind. This makes an understanding of psychology pivotal to everything we do - in work, business, politics and our personal lives. 

Course Content

Core Modules

These modules are compulsory, and provide foundation knowledge for this study program in Applied Psychology.

  Industry Project BIP000
  Industrial Psychology BPS103
  Introduction To Psychology BPS101
  Marketing Psychology BPS107
  Research Project I BGN102
  Careers Counselling BPS202
  Counselling Techniques BPS206
  Project Management BBS201
  Research Project II BGN201
  Life Coaching BPS305
  Professional Practice For Consultants BBS301
  Technical Writing (Advanced) BWR301
Elective Modules

In addition to the core modules, students study any 13 of the following 19 modules.

Counselling Skills I BPS109
  Counselling Skills II BPS110
  Ecommerce BIT100
  Educational Psychology BPS105
  Freelance Writing BWR102
  Motivation VBS111
  Personnel Management VBS107
  Sales Skills VBS108
  Sports Psychology BPS106
  Stress Management VPS100
  Advertising & Promoting BBS202
  Aged Care BPS212
  Conflict Management BPS201
  Developmental Psychology BPS210
  Entrepreneurship BBS204
  Abnormal Psychology BPS307
  Criminal Psychology BPS309
  Psychological Assessment I BPS308
  Psychopharmacology (Drugs and Psychology) BPS302

Everyone is Different -Learn How

Each one of us takes a certain amount of pride in being a unique individual, with a unique personality. This sense of self awareness is part of what drives us to live the life we do.

In layman’s terms, we might view personality as a general characteristic – “They have a good personality” meaning they are fun and friendly.  “They have a dull personality” meaning they are a bit boring and probably not much fun.  Psychologists are a bit more specific in what we mean by the term personality.

A personality is made up of a person’s unique characteristic feelings, thought patterns, and behaviours. A personality comes from within the person and is fairly consistent throughout their life time. Indeed, one of the main problems in treating people with personality disorders is the enduring nature of personality. 

Aspects of personality will generally include: 

  • Consistency – an individual's behaviour is usually in a recognisable order, and regular. People tend to act in the same way or similar ways in a variety of situations.

  • Impact on behaviours and actions – an individual’s personality influences how they move and respond in their environment, but also causes them to act in certain ways.

  • Psychological and physiological – a personality is a psychological construct but research also suggests that it can be influenced by a person’s biological needs and processes.

  • Multiple expressions – an individual's personality will be displayed in more than just behaviour. It will also affect their feelings, thoughts, social interactions and close relationships.  
This course helps you to a significantly heightened awareness of human psychology; and in doing so a deeper understanding of human behaviour.

Knowing Human Behaviour has many Applications

This course is called "applied psychology" because it is more than just a theoretical study of psychology.

Throughout the course you will discover a variety of ways that you can apply what you learn in real life, at work and beyond. It is a course that lays a foundation to work with what you learn. It provides you with a foundation for many different career paths.

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