Animal Welfare BAG224

Why learn about Animal Welfare?

In recent decades there has been a global movement to address the welfare of animals regardless of whether they are living in the wild, farms, zoos or as pets.

This course will provide you with an insight into Animal Sentience and Psychology, will teach you how to Manage Animal Welfare, and provide you with a knowledge and understanding of Animal Protection Services, Animal Rescue Services and Animal Health Services. You will learn about animal welfare issues associated with a variety of animals including Wildlife, Pets, Farm Animals, Working Animals and Animals used in Sport.

This course is designed for anyone wishing to work in, or already working in, the animal care industry. Set yourself above the rest in obtaining a fulfilling and truly rewarding career. 


Course Content:

There are nine lessons in this course as follows:

  1. Scope and Nature of Animal Welfare

  2. Psychology and Sentience

  3. Managing Animal Welfare

  4. Animal Protection Services

  5. Animal Rescue Services

  6. Animal Health Services

  7. Animal Welfare for Pets, Work Animals and Animals in Sport

  8. Animal Welfare for Farm Animals

  9. Animal Welfare for Wildlife: Free and Captive


Course Aims:

  • Describe what is meant by animal welfare and how it can be implemented in society. 
  • Explain how animals might perceive the world, their sense of awareness and cognition, and how welfare can influence their mental health.
  • To describe how animal welfare is assessed and upheld.  
  • To describe what animal protection services are available and what their roles are.   
  • To describe animal rescue services and how they contribute to animal welfare. 
  • To describe what animal health services are available and their benefits to animal wellbeing. 
  • To explain how animal welfare is implemented in the protection of pets & companion animals, work animals and animals in sport.
  • To explain how animal welfare is implemented in the protection of farm animals. 
  • To explain how animal welfare is implemented in the protection of wild animals in their natural environments and in captivity. 


Course Duration:  100 hours


Why study our course?

People have very different attitudes and views when it comes to animal welfare. Consider the following example... 

Are zoos morally defenceless? 

Animal rights campaigners may argue against keeping animals in captivity, but it simply cannot be argued against that there are times when it is in the animal's best interest to stay in captivity.  Some arguments against zoos include that the habitats and enclosure are not suitable for the animals and they don't meet the animals needs or allow them to participate in natural behaviours.  Many people feel that animal's natural behaviours are impacted on detrimentally when living in enclosures or confined spaces – their natural behaviours are suppressed.  Their unnatural proximity to humans can be stressful.  An example here is, loud noises by park visitors can result in stress and upset on animals too.

Ultimately, we need to consider conservation versus welfare. The reproductive schedules and genetic management of animals in zoo should lead to genetic diversity.  This is a fundamental aspect of wildlife management in captive populations. 

Supporting zoos continue with the good work they do requires continuing education and welfare checks on animals by veterinarians and by government officials.  

What are your thoughts on the ethical dilemmas facing zoos?

This is just one example of where animal welfare needs to be considered - and with that consideration comes an abundance of varying opinions on what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.

The Animal Welfare course covers various industries where animal welfare issues and topics are highlighted  -for wildlife, pets and livestock.

It will deepen your perspective when dealing with animals and get you thinking about how you can contribute to improving the welfare of animals. 


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