Workplace Health and Safety VBS103

Study Occupational Health and Safety Online

Litigation and workplace injuries carry significant costs, from physical and emotional through to financial. In this course, you'll study ways to improve safety in the workplace, lower injury risk, learn about duty of care, employer and employee protections, necessary precautions and more. An excellent course across disciplines. Especially suited to new managers, HR, and those looking to transition or upskill. 

Course Duration: 100 hours

Course Structure:

There are 10 lessons in this course.

  1. Introduction
    • Nature and Scope of Workplace Health and Safety
    • Work Related Fatalities
    • Duty of Care: employer, employee, other person, manufacturer
    • Significance of Illness
    • Protective Equipment; personal protection, machinery, equipment, signs and information
    • Further Information and Resources
  2. Legislation
    • Legislation across different countries: Australia, UK, Canada, USA, NZ etc
    • Examples: Worksafe Australia, Health & Safety Commission UK, Occupational Health & Safety Commission USA, etc
    • International Commission on Occupational Health
  3. Protective Equipment
    • Introduction
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    • Selecting and Maintaining PPE
    • Hand Protection
    • Eye Protection
    • Hearing Protection
    • Respiratory Protection
    • Body Protection
    • Knee Protection
    • Foot and Leg Protection
    • Sunscreen
    • Head Protection
    • Machine and Equipment Guards
    • Flooring
    • Protective and Temporary Barriers
    • Temporary Signs
    • Protecting Hearing
  4. Handling Chemicals
    • Storage and Disposal
    • Transporting Chemicals
    • Protecting the Environment
    • Protective Clothing
    • Safe Use and Mixing Chemicals
    • Toxicity of Pesticides
    • Safe Application of Pesticides
    • Hazardous Substances
    • Personal Protective Equipment Plan
  5. Handling Equipment
    • General Safety Rules
    • Manual Handling
    • Employer Responsibilities
    • Employee Responsibilities
    • Safety with Different Types of Equipment
    • Handling Tools and Equipment Safely
    • Machinery Safety
    • Machine Hazards
    • Machine Guards
    • Welding Equipment, Compressors, Conveyor Belts
    • Horticultural Equipment; Mulchers, brush cutters, mowers, chainsaws
    • Tool Maintenance
    • Safety with Electricity
  6. Handling Objects
    • How to Lift
    • Strategies for Manual Handling
    • Skin Penetrating Injuries
    • Risk Categories
    • Preventative Measures
    • Treating Wounds: First Aid
    • Case Studies of Manual Handling Injuries
  7. Using Computer Work Stations
    • Using VDU's
    • Eyesight
    • Repetitive Strain Injuries
    • Carpel Tunnel
    • Headaches
    • Radiation
    • Creating a Healthy Work Station
    • Rest Breaks, Stretching, Posture
  8. Working Alone
    • Duty of Care, Responsibilities
    • Common Tasks Undertaken by a Lone Worker
    • Mobile Workers
    • Risk Assessment
    • Risk Management
  9. Standards and Rules
    • Introduction
    • Identifying Risks
    • Hazard and Risk Management
    • Workplace Policy
    • Risk Assessment Safety Audits
    • Identifying Risks
    • Audit Forms
    • Safety Audit
    • Safety Outdoors; fire, bites, potential accidents, cuts, strains, poisoning, allergies, etc
    • First Aid; Shock, Fainting, Fractures, Strains, Sprains, Heat Exhaustion, etc
    • Skin Cancer
    • First Aid Supplies
  10. Signs and Signals
    • Introduction to standard signs and signals
    • Conventions in different countries; UK, Australia

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Protective Equipment

Protective equipment can cover a wide range of items and accessories. The common aim of all these items is to provide some extra measure of safety against known workplace hazards. Some of the more frequently encountered workplace hazards include chemicals, electricity, dangerous machinery and equipment (saws, power tools), faulty machinery and sun exposure. The effectiveness of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is easily compromised by improper use — intentional or not.

Personal Protection

This includes:

  • goggles, face shields, safety glasses, sun glasses, etc. for eye protection
  • ear muffs or ear plugs for hearing protection
  • adequate footwear for protecting feet and lower legs (strength and comfort are important)
  • helmets, sun-hats, etc. for head protection
  • appropriate dress and grooming standards to suit duties and climate
  • maintain personal gear in good condition
  • awareness of WH&S standards and procedures.

Machinery, Equipment and Workplace Safety

This includes:

  • install guards on dangerous machinery parts
  • place grates over vents or other exposed holes
  • install non-slip surfaces where necessary
  • only trained, competent and authorised staff allowed to use machinery or equipment
  • only trained, competent and authorised people allowed to repair or modify equipment
  • report damage or defects immediately
  • clearly label any machinery or equipment in need of repair
  • provide a 'kill switch' (instant shut-off) on dangerous machinery
  • always assume electrical systems are 'alive ': testing and tagging electrical systems is important.
  • regularly maintain all machinery and equipment.

Signs and Information

These should include:

  • WH&S standards and procedures
  • Code of Practice for the workplace
  • Specific safety areas, such as 'Helmet Area', 'No Smoking', No Parking', etc.
  • Specific hazards, such as 'High Voltage', 'Dangerous Goods', 'Flammable', etc.

Praise For This Course:

"Yes [I find the course valuable], because it is opening my eyes further to what I am studying and making me look for info and answers on the internet rather than being spoon fed info from the course notes. The feed back from the tutor is great and is very encouraging and the marking time frame very efficient."

~ Paula Farrell, Australia

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