Cyber Security VIT103

If you want to keep your computer software and hardware secure; you need to learn not only how to react to security threats - you must also condition yourself to react fast, before a threat takes hold and gets worse.

Owning a reference book; or having attended a conference lecture on cyber-security, simply does not do the job

Studying this course is a far better response to a problem that is increasingly important.


This course is broken into eleven lessons as below:

  1. Introduction to Cyber Security and cyber attacks/defences
  2. Vulnerability Assessment
  3. Securing the facilities and networks
  4. Securing your online digital footprint
  5. Internet Security and Digital Certificates
  6. Wireless Network Vulnerabilities, Attacks and Security
  7. Firewalls, IDS and IPS
  8. Cryptography
  9. Access Control and Authentication
  10. Cyber attack Disaster Recovery strategies
  11. Ongoing Security Management

Course Duration - 100 hours


The goal of defence in cyber security does not mean that your system will never be able to be penetrated, but it does give less chance of it happening and minimizing the risk. The concept is that you should have more than one type of defence in place to prevent compromise by an attack. Because there are many different ways a system can be exploited, having more than one type of tool to protect your system can cover the flaws of the others.
There are several layers of security which need to be addressed in order to protect your system; covering physical, software and network security.

There is a lot to learn in this course; but being able to be cybersecure is not just a matter of having the facts to refer to. Often there is just not enough time to refer to the facts before an issue becomes critical. 
A cybersecurity expert will react faster because important issues have become second nature to their way of thinking. This is where a course like this can take you much further than just reading a book.

The course starts by strengthening your capacity to think automatically about vulnerability assessment, and to help you to understand:

  • The importance of identifying and classifying assets based on the value they offer for an individual or a business
  • The threats these assets are exposed to
  • The risk factor of these threats.

You will also learn about the most common techniques and tools available for performing vulnerability assessments, and the main differences between vulnerability scanning and penetration testing. 

Your awareness of other issues not only increases, but strengthens in your long term memory as you progress through the set tasks and assignments. 

As you approach the end of the course, you learn about the concept of cryptography and its terminology:

  • Data Integrity: to ensure the data has not been modified;
  • Data Confidentiality: to ensure the data can only be accessed by authorized users;
  • Authentication: to confirm the identity of the users. (i.e. a user is who they claim to be).


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