Operational Management II for Horticulture BHT327

Study Legal, Contractual and Staff Management for Horticultural Enterprises

The ability to manage staff is pivotal in any enterprise (commercial or public); and in a society where law is becoming increasingly complex; the modern horticultural manager also needs to have a firm understanding of basic legal practice.

This course looks at legal,  financial and staffing aspects of running a business which are applicable to higher levels of management in larger businesses but also relevant to smaller business operators.

Students can tailor their exploration of these aspects of business operation through special projects within the course. 


This course is divided into seven lessons as follows:

  1. The Law and Horticulture 10 hrs
  2. Contract Law 10hrs
  3. Employment Law 10hrs
  4. PBL Financial Management 20hrs
  5. Staff Performance Management 10hrs
  6. Motivating Employees in Horticulture 10 hrs
  7. PBL Management Case Study 30 hrs

Course Duration - 100 hours


The Right People Can Make or Break the Operation

Explore how about obtaining, training and managing appropriate staff can have a critical impact upon operational success in any horticultural enterprise. 

Every worker is unique in the way they view their position in the workplace.
Some employees have a greater sense of responsibility or motivation than others; and despite all the well intentioned efforts of a supervisor or manager, it is sometimes impossible to change an ingrained attitude which a particular person holds. Motivating yourself and others is a key facet to success. 

A supervisor or manager needs to understand and accept the way their subordinates work and perceive work I order to treat each person as an individual. However by reacting differently to each member of a work team a supervisor or manager may risk creating a sense of inequity. This risk needs to be considered carefully with every decision that is made.

If incentives can be discovered which can induce the individual to enthuse about their job to the same degree as he/she does over play, then there will be better results in many ways, namely: better timekeeping, higher productivity, greater interest in the work, less boredom hence less fatigue and all this will help the employer/employee relationship to be based on a stronger basis./

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