Nursery Sales Assistant VHT103


Become the Local Nursery Sales Guru!

This valuable and information packed course aims to develop your capacity to effectively sell those plants to a customer in a retail situation. You will learn valuable sales techniques including how to open and close a sale. You will also learn all about plant identification, soils and plant care, so you can advise your customers on everything they need to know! This course will propel you forward in the nursery business. 

There are five lessons in this unique course, as follows:

  1. Introduction to Plant Identification: Understanding plant classification and pronunciation of plant names.

  2. Basic Sales Skills: Determining different types of customers; developing the communication skills to sell, including how to open and close a sale.

  3. Caring for Plants: Planting techniques, understanding soils, plant nutrition and pest management.

  4. Selecting the Right Plant for the Right Place: How to create different moods using plants. 

  5. Advising Customers in a Nursery: Developing good communication skills, knowing your product, plant placement.


  • Identify a sales opening.
  • Identify and demonstrate how to 'close' a sale.
  • Demonstrate a range of sales skills in a horticultural workplace
  • Identify a range of different plants, based on their flower and leaf    structures.
  • Describe the importance of effective communication and sales techniques in the retail nursery industry.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of how to care for plants, both in the garden and in the nursery.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of appropriate plant selection for a range of different sites.
  • Identify a range of plant health problems and describe appropriate chemical and non-chemical control methods to control those problems.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and use of nursery products.
  • Describe the importance of plant placement in the retail nursery.



No business functions without sales - without sales business can't make a p;rofit and nobody would have a job! To achieve sales you must have professional sales people. People who understand their product, know how to speak with customers, can give the right advice and answer customers' questions in a professional manner.

This course covers all these fundamentals and will put you in a great position to work in the sales field successfully within the nursery trade.

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