Recreation Leadership VRE100

Learn to Make things Happen as a Recreation Leader

A recreation leader is a facilitator, who enables and encourages recreational activities. This is an important job, and one that requires a high degree of skill that comes through not only study, but also experience.

There are 7 lessons in this course:

1.Introduction to Leadership
2.Leadership Characteristics/Qualities.
3.Interpersonal Relationships.
4.Communication Skills.
5.Team Building.
6.Systematic and Lateral Thinking.

Each lesson culminates in an assignment which is submitted to the school, marked by the school's tutors and returned to you with any relevant suggestions, comments, and if necessary, extra reading

This is a 100hr course - study at your own pace!

Aims for learning:

  • Describe the nature and scope of leadership.
  • Determine the qualities which are required in a leader, in different leadership situations, including the workplace, recreation industries and developmental applications.
  • Manage interpersonal relationships in support of effective leadership.
  • Communication leadership messages effectively to those you lead.
  • Explain methods that may be used for effective team building by a leader.
  • Select appropriate thought processes to follow in order to deal with different leadership problems.
  • Lead teams through innovative and creative processes


Do You Want to Know More?

Recreation activities can also be referred to as fun activities. In the simplest explanation, recreation is the term given to time spent in a manner which is intended to offer refreshment and overall be an enjoyable, fulfilling experience. Recreation generally requires active participation, but is emotionally uplifting. The concept of active vacations exemplifies this.

In order for a successful recreation vacation, or full-time recreation, or part-time hobby or class (e.g. dance class) to run effectively, those people leading the group, session, trip etc – need to be skilled in their area of recreation and have skills in leadership.

For example a martial arts instructor, not only performs and teaches martial arts techniques to others, but will also have leadership qualities which enable him/her to organise the group and other staff to ensure the lessons are effective and safe.

Recreation and Leisure is important for a variety of reasons, in addition to those outlined already, Recreation:

  • is important in promoting quality of life.
  • increases self esteem and confidence.
  • Gives people the opportunity to make their own choices.
  • gives satisfaction, enjoyment and pleasure.
  • enables us to become involved and feel part of the community.
  • increases the opportunity to gain and develop new friendships.
  • allows us to be challenged, take risks and experience new things.
  • bridges the gap between attending and participating in the community.
  • allows people to contribute their skills and feel a sense of belonging and accomplishment.
  • promotes friendships through shared experiences.


Leadership is important in society generally. Leaders are needed, and found in all aspects of our daily life, from the workplace to the school ground; and from the social club to government. When leadership is good, there is an increased probability of things being achieved with greater efficiency, and a higher level of satisfaction among all concerned.

Good leadership is however not something a person is born with. Certain personal traits, such as self confidence, may give some an advantage over others; but effective leadership requires more than simply a forceful personality that is capable of dominating everyone else.

A leader is not the same as a manager or supervisor. This is a key point to remember. Managers and supervisors are able to cause things to happen because they have legal authority to enforce orders. Leaders do not cause things to happen because of any legal authority.

People follow leaders of their own free will; and leadership skills are those skills that allow a leader to effectively communicate with, and influence the actions of their followers.


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