Climate Science II -Weather Prediction BSC309

Learn about the application of weather forecasting

  • Learn about the tools and models used to forecast the weather
  • Understand the variables that allow us to consider what is likely, while still recognising a healthy dose of uncertainty

Course Content

This course is divided into eight lessons as follows:

  1. What to Measure
  2. Tools for forecasting 
  3. Types of Forecasting
  4. Weather Models
  5. Predicting Temperature
  6. Predicting Rain
  7. Air conditions
  8. Practical Applications

Course Duration: 100 hours, self paced study


Why Study this Course?

Study this course to have a better understanding of weather prediction.

Weather forecasting is one of the most crucial scientific approaches in the planning of day-to-day activities and operations. Weather forecasting has a wide array of applications from the prediction of extreme weather events to humans deciding what to wear on a particular day. Although extreme weather events attract the most attention when it comes to weather forecasting, the public as well as economic decision makers rely on the quality of weather forecasts and the prediction of weather patterns. A large portion of every country’s gross domestic product (GDP) sectors are directly or indirectly sensitive to weather and overall climate. There exists a large economic impact to several economic sectors including natural resource management, energy production, finance, services, trade, manufacturing, agriculture, and national infrastructure. Weather conditions have a widespread impact across several economic sectors and as such the demand for accurate and detailed forecasts is increasing. As such weather forecasting has several direct and practical applications across a wide array of sectors.

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