Advanced Certificate in Applied Management (Marketing) VBS001

Learn to Manage Staff, Financial and Other Resources

Develop practical skills needed to manage your business or to work in a company at a managerial level. In this course, you'll learn a mixture of theory and practice, boost your confidence, and prepare to move to a new position or creating your own company.

Course Duration: 900 hours

Course Structure

Nine modules, including core and elective units.

Core Modules

Elective Modules

Workplace Project

A management in the workplace project of 200 hrs (see below). The project specifically aims to provide the student with the opportunity to apply and integrate skills and knowledge developed through various areas of formal study.

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Staying Up to Date is Important

Studying lays the foundation; but in today's world, you need to be prepared to build on the foundation after you complete this or any other course, in order to stay up to date with trends and developments.

Why Social Media has become Important

People have a natural need to interact with each other, both for psychological health and well-being, as well as more practical reasons, such as buying, selling or swapping things. Social media has become a medium that facilitates easy communication 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Many people join social media groups to interact and connect with others; while some people are pressured into joining groups either socially or through their work. Research has found that the main reason people join social media groups, is to establish an online identity i.e. to show the outside world who we are and what we do. The next most significant reason is to network, to connect with others in order to build relationships, and to feel that we belong to a ‘community’.

In general everyday people use social media to:
  • Connect and stay in touch with family and/or friends.
  • To share or find information – such as photos, videos or expertise etc. Or to stay in touch with current events and news.
  • To co-ordinate events such as parties, exhibitions, demonstrations etc.Connect with professional colleagues, in order to stay up to date with the "state of play" in their profession. In some respects social media can replace the role that industry publications, professional associations and conferences once fulfilled.
  • Connect with people who have a shared interest, to pursue and enjoy that interest. Bird watchers for instance would in the past, have connected with other bird watchers by joining a club and going on excursions together; but today, birdwatchers from all around the world might connect on social media through bird watching groups.
  • Provide entertainment; to watch friends and families, to follow celebrities (voyeurism), to play games.
  • Initiating relationships, thus partially replacing a role once fulfilled by other things. People who in the past may have met friends, partners and spouses at a social group or event; might now do so via the internet.
  • Research – customers search for and compare products, suppliers conduct market research using social media.
  • Shop, (clothing/fashion is still the most searched for product).
  • Research holiday destination, find accommodation etc.
  • To interact with businesses or service providers.

What Makes Good Sales Staff (or Assistants)

It is essential to have a well defined customer care policy in a business and for sales staff to possess the following abilities:

  • A pleasant attitude to customers (eg. smile, friendly, pleasant, suitably dressed and groomed, the customer is always right).
  • The ability to maximise customer contact (good body language, eye contact, listening skills etc.).
  • Be easy to approach and be able to talk business with customers (a clear and effective speaker, uses appropriate language, offers to assist or find someone who can, knows the product thoroughly, can offer alternatives or options, knows how much they can ‘negotiate’ on the price of a product, and what augmented services features are on offer e.g. warranties, informs the customer of special conditions or return policies etc.).
  • Keep in touch with the customer, eg. let them know about new stock lines, specials, 'shopping sprees' (offering follow up contact where appropriate, or after sales service).
  • Develop a team approach with other staff members.
  • Know the business' customer service policies and follow them.
  • Be pro-active and use initiative to solve customer queries, problems or resistance (know how to educate a buyer, influence their attitude toward a product and close on a sale).
Management can also enhance the sales experience in relation to their sales assistants by:
  • Making sure employees know the business' customer service policies and follow them.
  • Networking with other companies, especially complementary goods.
  • Monitoring and evaluating customer service continually.
  • Promoting the business within the community. Sponsor/fund community related activities.
Every sales person should know:
  • Details of what the product or service they are selling are its attributes, its competition, its negative points (and how to counteract these).
  • Where and how to find the product/brochures/catalogues/order forms, or anything else relating to the sale.
  • The prices to charge and terms of sale.
  • Procedure for making a sale (incl. Using cash register, filling out order book, writing receipt etc).
    Company policies (on returns, damaged goods etc.).
  • How to package or deliver goods or services (eg. wrapping, directing other staff to deliver service or good etc).
  • How to keep records in order.
  • How to maintain order and tidiness in sales area/equipment etc.

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