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Health & Fitness Courses

Advanced Aerobics BRE208

Fitness Training Course online - Aerobics


Study by flexible Distance Education and learn:

  • class design
  • leadership
  • organising classes. This is a course for both fitness professionals who want to develop a greater depth of understanding; or individuals who want to pay more serious attention to their own well being.

 This course will provide you with knowledge and skills needed to be able to conduct exercise to music classes in a safe and enjoyable manner which promotes health and fitness to the community.

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Advanced Certificate in Personal Training VRE016

Personal Training - Start a New Career

Develop the skills to work in the fitness industry as a Personal Trainer.

  • Work with clients to enhance their health
  • Build a successful business or gain employment
  • Learn how to motivate others
  • Study at your own pace
  • Nutrition, Fitness, Aerobics, Life Coaching, and more...

In most countries, there are no legal requirements for being a personal trainer; however, there can certainly be risks and legal liability to consider if you are not properly skilled at what you do. A course such as this will take you well beyond the level of training that an average fitness leader will receive. Among other things, this course incorporates Life Coaching training which is recognised through the Association of Coaching.

This school has an arrangement with both OAMPS and Tower Insurance by which graduates can obtain professional indemnity insurance 

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Aquafitness BRE207

Learn Aqua Fitness online -ACS Distance Learning Course

Exercise in Water is...

  • Less stressful than on land
  • Great for rehabilitation (after injury or surgery)
  • A valuable technique for fitness leaders, personal trainers and coaches

Aqua Fitness activities might be defined as any fitness activities undertaken when the body is submerged or partially submerged in water. his can include Swimming, Diving (high board or scuba), Snorkeling, Aqua Aerobics, Hydrostatic Stretching, Deep Water Running, or even more structured activities such as Water Volleyball or Water Polo.

This course focuses on 

  • Aqua Aerobics
  • Deep Water Running
  • Swimming
  • Stretching

Learn the skills and knowledge needed to plan and conduct an Aqua Fitness class. It is perfect for anyone interested in water fitness and safety as well as teaching some of the essential elements such as aqua fitness equipment and facilities, hydrostatic and hydrodynamic principles, and program design and facilitating.

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Aromatherapy VHT104

Study Aromatherapy - Online Course

Learn about the power of aromatherapy essential oils for healing and relaxation.

This course provides an introduction to

  • the safe use of Aromatherapy oils
  • Plants used in aromatherapy
  • Properties of essential oils

Comment from one our Aromatherapy students:  "This course was very interesting, challenging and very worthwhile" N. Mills

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Associate Diploma in Health and Fitness Management VRE107

Passionate about Health and Wellbeing?

Study for a NEW CAREER in Health and Fitness Management

Study from home at your own pace 

This course covers a wide range of topics in the fitness industry - Choose the area you wish to specialise in:

  • Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Life Coaching
  • Event Management
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Counselling and Psychology.... and more!

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Cardio Respiratory Performance BSC301

Learn about Cardio Respiratory Health and Biology online -ACS Distance Education Course

Cardiorespiratory Performance is an advanced biology course that requires students to have previous study in Anatomy and Physiology (BSC101 Human Biology 1A or equivalent).

The course focuses on the physiology of the blood, heart, vasculature, lungs and airways. Students will gain insight into the vital processes that occur in the healthy cardiovasular and respiratory systems and the physiology, anatomy and biochemistry and basic physics driving these processes. Comparison between the resting and active states, as well as the impact of medical conditions and other factors on cardiorespiratory performance is made, and students will discover and investigate the regulation of this vital multi-organ system.

Topics include pulmonary ventilation, gas exchange, gas laws, blood physiology, haemoglobin, oxygen and carbon dioxide transport, cardiac output, electrocardiograms, oxygen utilisation and energy production, cardiac output, lung function and more.

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Certificate in Health Coaching VRE108

Do you love helping others? Do you want to coach people to make improvements in their health? This course is what you've been looking for.

The rate of preventable diseases are rising at a rapid rate. People are becoming more and more disconnected from healthy lifestyles - Many people don't know how to be healthy, or they know what they need to do to be healthy but need the support to actually do it. Either way, there are so many people need a health coach to support them to live the life they want.

A Health Coach will help people identify their goals and what is preventing them from reaching their goals, then strategise ways to help clients reach their goals - providing support, encouragement and ideas along the way. A health coach will primarily focus on helping clients reach great heatlh, but within that, as well as including physical health, such as nutrition and exercise, the health coach may also take a more holistic approach and include emotional health, financial health, healthy relationships, career and life purpose, and so on

Call and speak with one of our tutors in this field - we would love to hear from you!



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Certificate in Health Support Services VSC005

Learn Health Industry Skills online -ACS Distance Education Course

This course aims to equip you with skills that would be valued by employers in the health industry.  Internationally accredited through IARC
This certificate may assist you in a range of jobs including:

  • Reception/Administration in a Health centre or Complimentary Medicine practice
  • Health or medical products marketing
  • or as the first step toward a higher qualification.

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Certificate in Nutritional Counselling VRE009

Lay the foundation for a career in human nutrition.
Learn the basic skills needed to advise or counsel people in this area.

  • Add to existing skills in health, hospitality, food technology or related disciplines 
  • provide general nutritional advice to improve fitness and wellbeing through diet
  • improve your own diet.

Students will NOT be qualified to advise others on medical or health problems, based on this course alone; but the course may be a foundation for working in food industries, health food retailing, administration and health support.

Online Study Course - Enrol in this qualification today, and study at home, by e-learning

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Certificate in Nutritional Health VSC012

Understand food and nutrition to heal and improve your body and health!

This course is designed for insights into personal health with a focus on nutrition. It is ideal if you're interested in learning and understanding more about your nutrition and that of your family or friends. This course focuses solely on nutrition, food and human biology, therefore you can learn about how nutrients are utilised by the body's cells for biological processes.

ACS Student S. Ryan (Australia) had this to say ..."Because I am expanding my knowledge and the things I am learning in this course I can use in everyday life as well, for example, when it comes to making food choices, I think back to what I have learned in this course and think about how certain foods can benefit me and my body. I am getting feedback about how I am progressing, both negative and positive points which help me to improve and also give me confidence in what I am doing and also motivate me" Human Nutrition 1.

If you interested in working as a nutritional advisor, please visit and see other more appropriate courses such as the Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counselling as a starting point for that career.

This course is made up of core and elective modules which means you can cover the fundamentals of human nutrition and then you can choose electives which are relevant to areas which you are interested in...

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Certificate in Rehabilitation (General) VRE026

Learn about different ways you can help people who have physical or mental issues with improving their quality of life.

This course is intended as a valuable learning experience for:

  • Health Professionals
  • Carers
  • Support staff and volunteers
  • Family and Friends

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Children's Nutrition BRE304

Learn about Nutrition for Children - Online Training

This course studies nutritional needs from pre-pregnancy stage to the adolescent's diet.
It is an ideal course for people working with or wanting to work with children, people in the healthcare industry or for mothers wanting to enhance their knowledge for their child’s nutrition.

This course was developed by qualified and experienced nutritionists following a great demand.

Unique in its kind available by distance education.

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Fitness Leader Certificate VRE004

What is different about this Fitness Leaders Certificate?

It is longer than others -You Learn more -That means you can do more and are likely to have more opportunity to advance your career.

This course focuses on teaching the theory and practical skills needed to work successfully in the fitness field. It was developed by fitness leaders with experience in different countries, so it is globally relevant and can be adapted to any fitness context. It is is aimed at students who wish to work as fitness leaders in gymnasiums, health clubs, etc. Students should check with potential employers prior to enrolling as to their qualification/registration requirements. 

SPECIAL OFFER: Buy our Principal's two fitness books and SAVE over $13  click here

More in depth than standard courses offered by most other colleges (compare the course duration)
Much more science/human biology than most fitness certificates
Written to cover competencies in BOTH Australian and UK accredited courses.
-Satisfies foundation studies in health science diplomas.
Professional indemnity insurance deals available to graduates through OAMPS in Australia or Tower Insurance in the UK.
Covers Level 1 & 2 Exercise & Fitness Knowledge (U.K.)
Covers content of Certificate III (Fitness Instructor and Certificate IV (Personal Trainer);
Arrangements to upgrade to formal Fitness Leader registration through partner institutions in both Australia and UK
Provides credit toward Diplomas or Certificates accredited by the International Accreditation & Recognition Council
Provides articulation into further studies with other colleges around the world (affiliates of ACS)




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Fitness Risk Management VRE104


  • Manage the risks associated with exercise to avoid injury and harm.

  • The role of stress and motivation in fitness.
  • Consider Safety aspects of fitness.
  • Learn the importance of fitness testing.
  • Pre-screening and legal liabilities.
  • Prevent Back Injuries.
  • Weight control causes, effects and risks.


  • Are you a personal trainer looking to enhance your skills and knowledge?
  • Do you suffer from illness or have had a recent injury which could be aggravated through exercise?

This course explores human wellness and fitness with an emphasis on common back and weight problems. The course covers elements such as understanding, recognising and addressing back problems as well as weight control methods through fitness and exercise. Avoid expensive physiotherapy, remedial massage or doctor costs by assessing fitness and altering exercise patterns to suit your needs! Click on the link for more information about this informative and useful course... this makes a great module as part of our Certificates or Diplomas in health and fitness and is a must for professionals in this industry!

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Health & Fitness I BRE101

The Health and Fitness Industry is booming with the declining health of modern society.

Start a new career in the wellness industry.

The Health and Fitness industry is not a clearly defined industry, for it includes many aspects, and it overlaps onto many other fields, such a medicine, sports, recreation, tourism, education and so on.

As you commence this course, your perception of the scope of this field may be limited, but by the time you complete the course, your perspective will have broadened considerably. Your ability to identify prospects for employment, and to pursue those that suit you, will have also broadened.

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Health & Fitness II BRE201

Build on your knowledge of human fitness! 

Take your existing knowledge of health and fitness to the next level.
Learn how to:
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the human body
  • undertake fitness testing
  • manage fitness testing services
  • develop excercise programs
  • lead a fitness program
  • explain how cardiovascular responses vary
  • develop guidelines for weight training
And much more.

This course develops skills to manage fitness oriented services as well as covering fitness program management such as fitness testing, exercise programming and prescription. The course also looks at your leadership skills and helps you develop understanding of the required qualities of leaders in this industry.

Important Prerequisites: Health and Fitness I or a recognised fitness leaders certificate.

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Health and Wellbeing VRE102

Preventable poor health is an epidemic in the modern world.

Improve yours, and the people you love's wellbeing.

This course teaches practical ways to live a more healthy life. It touches on all the major aspects of health, including nutrition, exercise, alternative treatments, stress management, first aid, and mental/emotional factors.

Be healthy ~ Be happy

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Human Nutrition 1 - BRE102

This course provides an understanding of the sources, actions, and interactions of nutrients from the food that we consume. Looking at the balance of the nutrients in foods and what makes up a balanced diet.

Excellent for anyone interested in nutrition and health for themselves or to help or counsel others.

More than just a collection of information; this is a carefully developed program developed and tutored by university trained and experienced nutritional scientists; providing a sequence of learning experiences, including interaction one on one with our highly qualifed tutors.


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Human Nutrition II BRE202

Online Course -Learn to Plan a Healthy Diet

Expanding on the themes of Nutrition I, this course is aimed at informing students of the effects of different food storage, preservation and preparation techniques on the nutrient value of foods.

Learn to assess diets, and understand the direct relationship between diet and health through indepth study of:

  • vitamins and minerals
  • symptomology of nutrient deficiencies and excesses
  • Special group needs

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Leisure Facility Management I BRE306

This comprehensive introductory course focuses on the management and development of recreational facilities

  • Leisure centres
  • Swim centres
  • Sporting complexes
  • Gymnasiums
  • Health clubs 

Over 13 lessons, this course deals with both day to day management as well as more broad based planning, development and redevelopment.

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Leisure Facility Management II BRE306

Want to be the manager rather than a staff member?

This is a great follow on course from Leisure Facility Mangement I.
Half of the course focuses on facility design and the other half on managing the maintenance of a facility.
Students are assumed to have some broad experience or knowledge in Leisure Facility Management (Managing daily use is covered in far more detail in the first course, but not in this one).

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Leisure Management I (Marketing) BRE103

Learn how to Market your Fitness and Leisure Business

The viability of a commercial recreation business depends heavily on marketing. To run a successful business you will need to develop marketing skills.

Marketing involves....

  • Attracting customers
  • Persuading them to buy
  • Selling
  • Keeping customers satisfied (so they come back!)

This course is valuable for the entrepreneur, small business owner, fitness professional, manager of a leisure facility, and anyone who is interested in markeing in the fitness and leisure industry.

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Leisure Management II (Human Resources) BRE104


This course develops human resource management strategies, specifically focusing on a recreation or fitness setting. This builds on Leisure Management I, but can also be taken alone.

Businesses are built on a foundation of people - people are a key resource for any business. This course develops an understanding of important human resource issues such as work schedules, developing a team approach, team performance, staff recruitment, evaluating staff performance, and communication between staff.

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Leisure Management III (Legal - Clerical) BRE204

Develop management strategies for clerical and financial operations in a recreation or fitness environment.

Keeping accurate and efficient financial records is paramount for successful business.

During this course you will learn to develop strategies for manageing clerical and financial aspects for a recreation facility or service. The course covers financial records, budgets, legal reporting, liaising, managing documents, forming a resource library, and using information technology.

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Leisure Management IV (Policies and Procedures) BRE305

This module will enable the learner to develop management policy, procedural, and planning aspects of a recreation oriented service or facility.  This course covers policy development and management, meeting operational procedures, planning process management, meeting and conference management as well as supervising reports.

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Nutrition for Weight Loss

Learn to manage weight more effectively.

  • Health & Fitness Professionals -Learn to provide more sound, up to date advice to clients
  • People who are concerned about a family member -Gain a far better insight into their condition, and learn how to help them.

ACS Student Comment: Absolutely [the course was a valuable learning experience]! Gave me confidence and knowledge to start my own small business and help others with health and weight loss... My tutor was brilliant! She replied to questions promptly and my assignments were always returned quickly with useful critique. She was extremely helpful and supportive and I cannot thank her enough! I am very impressed with ACS from start to finish! I have attended other tertiary institutions before and attended university and have never had such a smooth and positive experience as the one with ACS. Lisa McDonald, Australia - Nutrition For Weight Loss course

Nutrition plays a big role in weight loss. This course introduces the role nutrition plays in weight loss, and provides tools for understanding weight control; particularly with respect to what a person eats. Study for personal interest (to help understand and reduce your own weight); or by someone working in the fields of health or fitness, in order to improve your understanding and capacity to help clients.

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Nutritional Foundations of Disease (Human Nutrition III) BRE302

Learn about the relationship between nutrition and health.
Many diseases are caused by improper nutrition. Other diseases are aggrivated by poor nutrition. There is a well established link between nutrition and wellbeing; quality of life and longevity. Our understanding of this link is probably never likely to be complete, but a heightened awareness can go a long way to improving your ability to influence the state of health of both yourself and everyone around you.
This course deals with:

  • the management of foods to optimize health
  • different ways of eating
  • food toxicity and detoxification.

It can stand alone or be used in combination with other nutrition courses offered through this school.

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Personal Energy Management - VRE105


This course aims to develop a heightened awareness of your potential energy and limitations to that energy in order that you may better manage this important but finite resource.

[Click here for detailed information and enrolment details]

Personal Fitness VRE103

Improve your fitness

Learn how to develop fitness programmes for yourself and others to lose weight, gain energy, improve your health, slow down the ageing process, and enhance your wellbeing.

The course covers:

  • The importance of fitness
  • The human body
  • Fitness and exercise principles
  • Nutrition and weight control ..... and more!

Study this course if you are interested in becoming healthy and fit!!

[Click here for detailed information and enrolment details]

Play leadership VRE101

A valuable course for anyone working, or wishing to work with children as well as anyone wanting to expand their understanding and knowledge of child development through play and safety in play. Our staff have experience training play leaders since the late 1970s.

Play leaders are people who create and manage play opportunities. Sometimes play leaders are people who are fulfilling a duel role. They can be parents, teachers, pre school teachers, or nannies, who look after both the play needs, and other needs of children in their care.


Some play leaders are employed specifically to concentrate on managing the play needs of children. They may be an assistant to a teacher or care worker, or they may be employed in a supervised playground, play centre or other facility that focuses on play.

[Click here for detailed information and enrolment details]

Recreation Leadership VRE100

Home Study - Leadership in Recreation - Affordable Learning

Recreation is important for personal wellbeing. It helps sustain a proper work-life balance and without recreation in ones life, both health and productivity decline; not to mention the affect on personal relationships.

  • develop your understanding of leadership principles
  • learn how to apply new skills in a variety of situations
  • work in recreation in a leadership capacity with confidence



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Resistance Exercise and Gym Supervision BRE206

Learn all about strength training; to build muscles through a safe program of exercise and weight training.
This is a valuable course for:
  • Sporting and Life Coaches
  • Body Builders
  • Fitness instructors and Physical Education teachers
  • Allied Health Professionals
  • Sports people
  • Anyone wanting to better understand and improve their personal fitness

[Click here for detailed information and enrolment details]

Sports Nutrition BRE303

Learn how nutrition relates to sporting performance.
This course details some elements such as energy in the athlete's body, fluids, competition and training diets.

Perfect for the amateur (or professional) sportsman, trainer, coach, or anyone wanting to better manage diet for enhanced sporting performance.

Comment from the supervisor of a group of students who took this course:
"The Sports Nutrition course is providing our student athletes with some excellent information and fuelled some good discussion amongst them. Good class! "Narda

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Therapeutic Nutrition BRE211

Study from home!  Eat your way to health.

This fantastic course in therapeutic nutrition is designed to give people knowledge of how nutrition can be used to prevent and treat symptoms of disease.

This course covers many aspects of nutrition for health and is comprehensively written to give an understanding of diet and factors of disease, and more importantly, how to ease symptoms of disease...

Therapy through nutrition.

[Click here for detailed information and enrolment details]

Weight Loss Consultant BRE 307

Distance Education Course for Weight Loss Consulting

The prevalence of obesity is increasing in all age groups and virtually all populations worldwide.
With this rise in obesity rates has come a wide range of opportunities to develop weight loss services to help clients to lose weight and increase their fitness levels and self-esteem.

Throughout this course we shall examine the contributions of nutrition, exercise, and psychology to weightloss. You will also learn about business aspects of the industry, including how to set up effective weight loss services and provide you with the knowledge and skills to support these services.

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