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Green Walls and Roofs                   

Horticultural Therapy


Internet Marketing

Information Security

Dog Care

Dog Psychology and Training

Cat Psychology and Training

Goat Production


LIFE COACHING - build on existing skills to become a Life Coach




  • Australian Natives II
  • Human Nutrition I
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Delivering Distance Education
  • Agronomy 
  • Garden History
  • Amenity Horticulture
  • Computer Servicing II
  • Cooking
  • Bush Tucker Foods
  • Certificate in Zoo keeping
  • Agronomy
  • Zoo keeping
  • Business Coaching 
  • Home Study is Flexible, Convenient and in some ways cheaper.

    Our courses lay a foundation for life - teaching you the subject, but ALSO setting you up to keep learning after you graduate, developing good learning habits, networking, and other life skills

    Our tutors recognise the significance of learning, but also the limits of learning. Learning is only one piece of the puzzle if you want lifelong career success -We focus on helping you put all of the pieces together to optimise you career or business success.


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    ACS Distance Education is recognised worldwide as a quality education provider by the International Accreditation & Recognition Council (IARC), the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) and the Complimentary Medicine Association (UK).

    ACS is Full Member of the British Learning Association and a Member of the Careers Advisory Bureau Institute of Horticulture.

    Over 100 courses available!

    Horticultural Studies

    Amateur, trade and professional programs covering Amenity and Production Horticulture. Over 30 courses covering Plant Identification, Plant Care, Pruning, Pest and Weed Control, Crop and Nursery Production, etc.

    Crop courses

    Organic Vegetable Growing, Mushroom Production, Protected Plant Production.


    Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture, Organic Farming, Horse Care, Aquaculture, Poultry, Animal Husbandry.

    Animal Studies

    Zoology, Wildlife, Pets, Farm animals, Anatomy and Physiology, Equine, Animal Psychology, Animal Health, etc.

    Business Management

    Applied Management, Advertising and Promotion, Bookkeeping, Entrepeneurship, Supervision, Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Professional Practice for Consultants.

    Commerical Managerial Business Studies

    Over 13 courses from how to start a small business to professional development courses for experienced professionals. Learn to manage projects, successful marketing, planning and running events, bookkeeping and more.

    Tourism and Hospitality Studies

    Managing hotels, and more. Coming soon: more courses on tourism and food industry management.


    Ecotourism Tour Guide, Ecotourism, Bushcraft & Wildnerness Activities.

    Self Sufficiency

    Self Sufficiency and Permaculture Systems.


    PBL and Research focused course modules.

    Special Offers

    Big savings on courses offered – limited time and only valid if you enrol from here.

    Applied Psychology and Counselling

    Over 20 courses from introductory programs through to counselling industry recognized diplomas. Understand how people think, both genetic and experiential influences on behaviour, and applications of psychology in all areas of life from raising children, to running a business and dealing with personal problems.

    Applied Environmental Studies

    Wildlife, Environmental Sciences, Ecology, Environmental assessment and management, Bird Watching and biology, Marine Sciences, plus many others.

    Technology and Applied Science Studies

    Anatomy and Physiology (Human), Plant Sciences, Animal and Plant Biochemistry, Medical Sciences, etc.

    Information Technology

    Computer Servicing, Macromedia Flash, Photoshop, HTML, Web site development, E commerce.

    Landscape Design and Construction

    Landscape Design and Construction, Garden Design, Playground Design, Water Gardening and Horticulture.

    Writing & Journalism

    Creative Writing, Freelance Writing, Editing, Introduction to Technical Writing.

    Photographic Studies

    Digital and Film Theory and practice of equipment, techniques and processing photos for all types of purposes.

    Health & Fitness

    Backcare, Fitness leader, Health Support Services, Human Nutrition.

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