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Adventure Tourism BTR302

Study Adventure Tourism Online with ACS Distance Education

This exciting course covers the scope and nature of adventure tourism in today's market and looks at the sources and types of opportunities available within this fast growing industry. Other topics include: outdoor adventure and management training, the customer, artificial environments, supply, geography, sustainability, and environmental impacts. This course develops a capacity to plan and manage the provision of adventure tourism services.

Adventure Tourism is a term that is not easily defined. For one thing, different people will have different ideas of what is “adventure”. For one person, “adventure” may be something as simple as camping outside in a tent, or walking through a wilderness area for an hour. For another, this would  be considered passive tourism or exercise, whereas adventure would mean participating in dangerous and physically (also maybe emotionally) challenging activities, such as climbing a sheer rock face or white water rafting in dangerous rapids. Traditionally, adventure tourism has been perceived to be a younger person’s activity. In recent years, however, older people are keen to enjoy new experiences once their children have left home. The degree of challenge desired may be quite different. Some will balk at undertaking potentially dangerous activities like walking on a rope bridge across a deep ravine, and find a trek through the jungle at ground level sufficiently challenging. Some will find another’s ‘adventure’ decidedly unpleasant, disagreeable, foolishly reckless, traumatic or boring. It is clear that adventure tourism has no distinct boundaries.

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Bushcraft & Wilderness Activities - BTR201

Learn Bushcraft Skills from home. 

Develop skills in bushcraft, an understanding of wilderness activities and an ability to manage the needs of a group of people while in a wilderness area. This course is valuable for people that are interested in wilderness exploration. It enhances both expedition and leadership skills and is ideal for people such as:
  • orienteers, tour guides
  • scout leaders 
  • adventure tour guides or 
  • ecotourism business owners.

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Certificate in Ecotourism - CTEcotour

Start A Career in Ecotourism with this Online Study Course

This course can be for either the novice or for people who already have some related qualifications or experience (eg. with animal care, biology, tourism horticulture or agriculture), but are deficient in training or experience that is specifically related to ecotourism.
Through this qualification you can supplement and compliment existing skills, and gain qualification that enhances your employability and capacity to work in ecotourism.
This course provides a foundation for working in many areas including:
  • Ecotourism resorts
  • Tour Companies
  • Self employment
  • Zoos, Wildlife Parks and other ecotour attractions

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Ecotour Management - BTR101

     Study Ecotour Management Online Today

Ecotourism has emerged out of a growing interest in outdoor adventure activities - from mountaineering to low impact bushwalking.
In this course you will find out all you need to know to begin or manage an ecotour business.  Learn about destinations, accommodation and catering, legal issues, tour desk operations, visitor guidelines, impact management, iinterpretation services, safety, planning ecotour activities, and much more.
Ecotourism offers opportunities for employment in virtually every corner of the world, from poor countries to rich and cold environments to hot.
This course is an excellent first step toward increasing your potential for success in ecotour management.

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Ecotourism Tour Guide - BTR301

Study to be an Ecotourism Tour Guide from home

Learn to organise and conduct ecotourism services:
  • guided tours,
  • overnight walks
  • treks 
  • self guided interpretive walks
  • snorkel tours and boat trips.
This course will introduce you to some of the aspects of ecotourism guiding including environmental awareness, planning tours,displays and interpretive aids, plant and animal interpretation. Ecotourism is the combination of Ecology and Tourism. Ecotourism is an industry that has developed hugely in recent years. It reflects both of the aims of modern conservation: husbandry of resources and protection of the environment. Modern ecotourism strives to be sustainable, so that the activities that are taking place can continue to do so.

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